The Blockchain myth: Scaling. Who needs it? And for what exactly?

Credit: The man in the mirror…

#Lightning, #Raiden, #Plasma, #Sharding, #Proof-of-Somethings, #DAGs, etc.

All of the above try to solve the issue of scaling in different approaches. Some mainly exactly this challenge, while others solve it by their chosen overall design or by accident. Raiden and Lightning are both live in their respective main networks (#Ethereum & #Bitcoin). Plasma and sharding are both, at least in the Ethereum universe, to come. And Ethereum also is still looking to introduce #Proof-of-Stake as a successor of the #Proof-of-Work consensus.

What is being done with coins/tokens, right now, 2018, 9 yrs after the Nakamoto WhitePaper?

But we could also be honest, at least to each other as non #Crypto believer have left this document by now.

Scaling will be important, but only once we actually reach true use cases beyond trading and get into trouble with these use cases.

Our issue is not scaling.

Its meaning.

Creating an impact on reality.

Through benefits for target groups, not egos and stats.

Really. In the 2000s, people talked a lot of the potential regarding the new technology called the Internet (it started in the mid 90ies, but…was more or less totally geek, back then). But to be honest, I think, not even nerds discussed the deeper layers so intensively, or at least I do not recall such heated debates about TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, WWW or SMTP and POP.

I truly believe, Crypto as a whole and probably Blockchain as the leading technology within, will change the face of this planet as it will change the economical interactions between all of us.

It has challenges. Many.

But our greatest is not scaling.

Then, and probably only then, will we start needing scaling ;-)

It’s creating meaning, not for ourselves, but for the people needing solutions to their challenges.

So at the next Crypto or Blockchain conference. Ask every fanboy, bashing around which chain shall rule them all, what benefits he sees for his non-tech friends. How impact can be achieved now. And ask every ICO aiming Startup how they solve ordinary people not using any of this, yet.

#MayTheProofChangeLivesNotCharts #ToTheSun #TheSunProtocol

<THE SUN PROTOCOL> in a nutshell:
Energy. Blockchain. Economy.
Creating a sustainable & self-determined crypto-economy through energy and real benefits.

Technology & innovation manager at R+V, ScrumMaster & PO, former digital marketing & advertising expert. 1st startup 1999. Servant leader & lean biz developer.