Image of a US factory of the early 20th century
Image of a US factory of the early 20th century
Wikipedia, image from United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division;

(Note: as all my articles are personal thoughts and do not represent any of my professional commitments or organizations I deal with. I have been working in the digital era since 1999, using many tools before that, already. So I have had and still have my share of pain, joy and the everlasting learnings, that I want to try to reflect this way.)

The hypothesis is this: If you believe, we have approached or are approaching a VUCA world for most of our organizations (companies & corporations), you know, we cannot continue with the organization structures for a very predictable future that was our past.

VUCA — the acronym stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. …

Unfortuantely, I could not comment…

First of all, I think, it is really great to see such an article without all the speculation mumbo-jombo of the 16s & 17s, that is still going around!

Of course, I would not be writing, if I had not different views or understandings about some of the 7 points.

So let me reflect these to you to maybe discuss these some day, even if I am more than 4 months late and Avivs views maybe completely different, now. ;-)


Blockchain as a serivce — it sounds really nice and at least for starting a…

If we are ever to get forward, we really need to find a way to define what we are talking about, try to take in the complexity of our markets, especially as they are still unregulated and the first truly permission less global markets ever…

I like all the articles these days, claiming/calling for an end to the scams, some for an end to greedy speculation and almost all for their merit driven goals, but I fear a fragmented analysis will not lead to the right results for what most call Token2.0.

I think, we are already at 3.0. if we change things, BTW. Bitcoin and “WannaBe-Coin” being 1.0, the Post-Ethereum-ICO token mania being Token 2.0…

What we need to differentiate:

Speculation in real or wanna-be currencies is IMHO something different than speculation in companies or even startups/concepts…the result may be equal, but the reason…

Credit: The man in the mirror…

#Lightning, #Raiden, #Plasma, #Sharding, #Proof-of-Somethings, #DAGs, etc.

All of the above try to solve the issue of scaling in different approaches. Some mainly exactly this challenge, while others solve it by their chosen overall design or by accident. Raiden and Lightning are both live in their respective main networks (#Ethereum & #Bitcoin). Plasma and sharding are both, at least in the Ethereum universe, to come. And Ethereum also is still looking to introduce #Proof-of-Stake as a successor of the #Proof-of-Work consensus.

So — are we then through? All solved? Here comes mass adoption?

Other projects like #EOS or #Cardano are looking to solve scaling issues by very…

Could it be, that the digital revolution will shift our economies dramatically to a setup without centers? There are some very different forces, that seem ti clearly indicate it…

Decentralizing transfer of values: The Blockchain

It may enable all to interact in a more direct way, when transfer of values are concerned.
Also — it may significantly change the market for witnessing transactions, from notaries to certifications in quality or truth.
And last in this reasoning, the Blockchain technology also holds a potential to disrupt the so called platform ecenomy as it potentially could replace an Uber, Facebook or AirBnB by a combination of SmartContract and dApps.
Which would…

Trying to clarify what it is, could be and should be

What is a contract?

From Wikipedia: A contract is a voluntary arrangement between two or more parties that is enforceable by law as a binding legal agreement.

What is a SmartContract?

The term seems to have been coined by Nick Szabo as early as in 1996. I am not sure, if there is a really common understanding or even definition of the term, though. Which is the reason for this reasoining ;-)

To me, a SmartContract seems to be at least two different things at the moment:

1. It can be a payment or programmable action with simple or complex conditions attached to that payment, a construct of conditions for multiple actions from payment to any imaginable programmable and automated action (e.g. access management as for smart keys/locks).

2. It can…

It seems while the majority has focused on the decentralizing aspect in term of freedom of transacting, businesses are looking at concepts and new products/services, we may have missed talking about what the technology means if misused well.

While I pondered what China may be up to with ICOs banned, crypto currency closely surveilled — and at the same time the one big Chinese blockchain NEO (formerly known as Ants) stabilized extremely well, something hit my head. (No worries, from inside)

Imagine this: A crypto subnet, but not for your private issues, but for nations/corps

Any nation or corporation could create the highest level of control and censorship ever known — and it could…

September the 22nd, one miner reached a state of creating 51+% of the (then) last 144 BitcoinCash (BCH)blocks.

Bad screenshot of the miner reaching 50% of last 144 blocks; eventually it was 52% and dropped again; image/screenshot by courtesy of the amazing people behind

As you may probably know, this is not a good sign. Especially as the same miner had at least in one instance created 4 BCH blocks in a row. And blocks were created not in 10 minutes space, but almost every 2 minutes.
It of course has to do with BitcoinCash being a fork of Bitcoin and having adjusted its difficult for miners — making it a nice target for potent miners, now…

The situation has eased off a bit as I…

Bild: Anzeige der Bitcoin Nodes (teilnehmende Rechner) am 22.09.2017, 10:14 MESZ; Quelle:

Was ist die Blockchain

  1. Die Blockchain ist eine Zusammenfassung unterschiedlicher, bereits bekannter technologischer Komponenten: verteilte Netzwerke, Verschlüsselungsverfahren (für Zugriff und Versand) und Prüfsummen (für Signaturen).
  2. Die Blockchain entstand aus dem Versuch eine digitale Währung zu erschaffen — den Bitcoin.
    In Ihrer Ursprungsanwendung (Bitcoin) ist die Blockchain ein auf allen teilnehmenden Rechnern verteiltes Kassenbuch, das eine definierte Menge an Transaktionen in Blöcken zusammenfasst, diese signiert und die Signatur des vorigen Blockes beinhaltet. Diesem Bezug auf den jeweils vorigen Block verdanken wir das Bild der Kette. Blöcke. Kette. Blockchain.

Was bringt die Blockchain? (in der Theorie)

  1. Unveränderlichkeit der Historie von Transaktionen: Mit zunehmender Zeit (= zunehmende Anzahl der Blöcke) wird es mathematisch höchst…

Ich sitze im Zug und gegenüber von mir setzt sich Jemand.

Er hat offensichtlich dieselbe “geographische Abstammung” wie ich, nur dass meine Eltern in den 60ern des letzten Jahrhunderts freiwillig eingewandert sind und er ein Flüchtling des Chaos ist.

Ich schaue auf mein Handy, was es für Nachrichten gibt, was ich Cooles/Gehaltvolles posten kann und ärgere mich, dass ich 10 Minuten zu spät zu dem 0830 Termin sein werde.

Er hat einen Rucksack. Er wühlt in dem Rucksack. Er riecht sehr stark. Ich ertappe mich wie ich Angst vor dem Rucksack zu haben scheine. Aber als er 10 Minuten lang darin kramt, wird klar: Der Rucksack ist sein Hab und Gut…

Sam Liban

Technology & innovation manager at R+V, ScrumMaster & PO, former digital marketing & advertising expert. 1st startup 1999. Servant leader & lean biz developer.

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